Heather (blnd_bmbshell) wrote,

"But Mom! All the cool kids are doing it!!!"

Yeah, so I dont really know how this works, but I'm giving it a shot and doing a friends cizzzzuuuut. The reason being is that I'm leaving in 21 days and I'm trying my best to disassociate myself from livejournal, AIM, fanfiction, basically the internet in general as soon as possible, so the not having a computer thing wont be such a shock.

Please don't take anything personally, but I have so many people on my list and so many communities that I literally go through 15 pages a day on my friends list and as it is now, I dont have time to read all of it. Not to mention I havent been all that into livejournal these days anyways. I'm basically just keeping my close friends, and people who actually let me know that they read. If you're like me and you read, but don't comment, let me know and I'll keep you.
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